• Educating the Whole Person: St. Ann School provides its students with a holistic education through a curriculumthat encompasses the vision and values of a Christian community.
  • Faith-Filled Learning: We offer experiences and opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in a caring, supportive Catholic environment.
  • Academic Excellence: St. Ann School alumni are consistently represented on the honor roll while attending high school. Technology is integrated into all curricular areas and our state-of-the-art Science Lab is home to the grade-specific FOSS kits.
  • Highest Standards: Our staff works diligently to develop in students the skills and knowledge that are the basis of a strong academic program. We also provide both learning and teaching opportunities through multi-grade interactions and mentoring.
  • Teaching to Learn and Serve: At St. Ann School, core Christian values and a variety of service opportunities are integrated into the curriculum. We strive to instill a sense of integrity in each of our students.
  • Focusing on Individual Needs & Talents: St. Ann’s curriculum focus is student-centered with a continuous progress emphasis that reverences the dignity of the student and serves the individual’s developmental growth needs. With an average class size of less than 20 students, we build a strong educational foundation for each child based on his or her unique needs.
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Welcome back to school everyone! I hope by this time the kids are accepting the familiar routines and the earlier bedtimes. I am back into my 5:00 a.m. routine as well although the ability to grasp a conversation before 9:00 a.m. is still out of my reach. I may need a few more weeks to achieve full functioning capabilities.

Yesterday, our 7th graders participated in a retreat experience with three other Catholic Schools at St. Maria Goretti. In all, there were approximately 125 excited tweens and a dozen or so students from Edgewood High School acting as small group leaders. The retreat was hosted by Youth Frontiers, a non-profit group, whose mission, similar to St. Ann’s, is to support a school community where students can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Each of their grade-centered retreats focus on a specific theme, the 7th grade’s being “Courage.” The students spent the entire day yesterday not only having fun and getting to know each other, but listening to testimonials on fear and courage and finally being challenged to overcome their personal fears in order to stand up for others and be true to themselves.

Amidst all the fun, I have to admit that there was a point when I was a bit concerned that these middle schoolers might be enjoying the fun but missing the point. How wrong I was, however, when at the end of the retreat, students were asked to answer the following: “My act of courage will be…because…” After some silent reflection, students were invited to come to the middle of the circle, take the mic, introduce themselves, and read their responses. I was nearly brought to tears as student after student came forward to share his or her response. Their responses were more than I had expected not because I didn’t think they would be thoughtful and serious but, rather, because I had not expected the deep level of maturity that these “kids” exhibited. Several of their acts of courage entailed being “true to thyself” and choosing “right over wrong,” and standing up for another. This first part I expected. It was the “because” portion of the statement that blew me away. The kids were brutally honest, often describing how they had gossiped about others or been unkind to someone. Likewise, their reasons to be courageous were self-sacrificing with the ultimate goal to bring peace and happiness to someone else. One of the most touching was a girl who stated that her courageous act was going to be to ask forgiveness of those she had been unkind to. Again, not because it would make her feel better but because she wanted the others to know that they did not deserve to be on the receiving end of her cruelty. Wow!

At the conclusion of the retreat after a short prayer service, I found myself wishing that we adults participated in this sort of retreat experience. Perhaps we think of ourselves as too grown up for a retreat on courage or too above having to answer a statement that asks us to specifically commit to one act of courage and explain why. Perhaps if more of us were given the opportunity, we would spend less time thinking and more time doing. I am looking forward to following up with all our middle school students to see what acts of courage are in their hearts and how we can all work to make those ideas a reality.



Students will be released at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 18. There will be no p.m. bus service or extended care.


Starting Monday, September 18, the St. Ann Lunch Program will be offering an ala carte salad bar. Cold lunch students will be allowed one trip to the salad bar for $1.75. The salad bar is included at no charge for hot lunch students. Items on the salad bar could include seasonal fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese and other dairy products, meat toppings, pasta salad, crackers, etc.


The 8th graders are heading to Washington, D.C. in early March. Students will have the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian Museums, see the many historical monuments, and hopefully have a chance to tour our nation’s capitol building. To help with the cost of the trip, Mrs. Grutzner is selling Bucky Books to help raise money toward food costs. If you would like to buy a book for $35, please contact Mrs. Grutzner. Each book sold will mean $15 towards food for the students. The sale ends October 15. Thank you for your support!


The St. Ann Book Fair will take place October 5-8 in the Lower Level by Healy Hall. Teachers and students will get a preview of the books and a chance to create their wish lists on Thursday, October 5. The Book Fair will be open for business on Friday, October 6, from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM during Grandparents’/ Special Persons’ Day, as well as on Saturday, October 7, from 4:30-6:30 PM and Sunday, October 8, from 8:45 AM-12:00 PM. Stop by and check it out! Books make for great birthday and Christmas gifts!


The first meeting of the H&S Social Committee will take place in the school library on September 21 from 6:30-7:30 PM. If you are interested in being a committee member and would like to join the meeting, please contact Jen Monthie.


A few Home & School committees still have volunteer spots available. If you have not yet selected your volunteer commitments for the year and would like to learn more about what is available, visit www.Signupgenius.com and use the “find a sign up” link to search for “hands@stanns.com. You can peruse committee descriptions, see openings and points allocations and select your sign up, using your own personal account (which you can easily set up, if you don’t already have one.) For detailed instructions on the Sign Up Genius, click HERE..


There is an information meeting for a newly formed group at St. Ann’s. St. Ann’s Helping Hands is a service club created by a St. Ann’s student. To learn more about the club, please attend the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, from 3:30-4:30 PM in the school library. If you would like more information, please contact Maria Weesner .


If you are interested in tutoring services for your child(ren), check out the information card in the display case outside the school office. Launch is a program created by Simone Frame and is designed to help students with speech and reading. If you would like more information, visit www.launchtherapies.com.


The St. Ann’s ONLINE Boutique is open HERE! The online store is where you can place orders for a wide range of quality, stylish Logowear for students and adults through our vendor, Company Casuals.

To take advantage of the most economical pricing structure, logo wear orders will be grouped and submitted in bulk Payments can be made online via PayPal or by cash or check which can be dropped off in the school office in the Home & School mailbox or mailed to the school (see “Logo Wear” folder). Prices include embroidery and shipping. All items will be delivered to the school for pick-up. Please note: If you have a consignment credit, you will need to pay by check at the school office, rather than online.

Questions? Please contact Home & School Chair, Lynn Wood.

PLEASE NOTE: Shirts/tops with the current St. Ann logo are required attire for K - 8 students at Friday Mass, as well as for field trips and other special events as notified by school staff. Orders placed prior to August 15 will be available for pick up. Orders placed after that date will arrive mid-September.


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