• Educating the Whole Person: St. Ann School provides its students with a holistic education through a curriculumthat encompasses the vision and values of a Christian community.
  • Faith-Filled Learning: We offer experiences and opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in a caring, supportive Catholic environment.
  • Academic Excellence: St. Ann School alumni are consistently represented on the honor roll while attending high school. Technology is integrated into all curricular areas and our state-of-the-art Science Lab is home to the grade-specific FOSS kits.
  • Highest Standards: Our staff works diligently to develop in students the skills and knowledge that are the basis of a strong academic program. We also provide both learning and teaching opportunities through multi-grade interactions and mentoring.
  • Teaching to Learn and Serve: At St. Ann School, core Christian values and a variety of service opportunities are integrated into the curriculum. We strive to instill a sense of integrity in each of our students.
  • Focusing on Individual Needs & Talents: St. Ann’s curriculum focus is student-centered with a continuous progress emphasis that reverences the dignity of the student and serves the individual’s developmental growth needs. With an average class size of less than 20 students, we build a strong educational foundation for each child based on his or her unique needs.
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Some stylish new items featuring the St. Ann’s logo are now available for purchase and/or ordering. While not required, logo wear and/or nice dress items are encouraged for all students for Friday Masses. See several youth and adult options along with the order form here or stop by the school office for forms and to see sample items in a variety of sizes and styles for both boys and girls. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact Lynn Wood at lwood@wcgpr.com.


If you need to contact St. Ann School or Parish Staff, please note the new e-mail addresses. Below is a current staff listing with contact information or see here for a directory: Faculty/Staff Contacts:


ROISUM , Mrs. Kara, Principal - kara.roisum@stanns-school.org
CARRANO, Virginia, Administrative Assistant - virginia.carrano@stanns-school.org


BOERSMA, Charis, K-8th gr. - Music - charis.boersma@stanns-school.org
BRENNAN, Traci, 2nd grade - traci.brennan@stanns-school.org
DEMETER, Meggy, 6th gr - Homeroom & Religion; 6/7/8th gr. – Science; 5th gr. - Social Studies, Math Course 1 - meggy.demeter@stanns-school.org
FIELDS, Carol, 3 yr. old Pre-Kindergarten; 4K - carol.fields@stoughton.k12.wi.us
GRUTZNER, Julie, 4th Grade; 6th & 7/8th gr. – Social Studies, 5th gr. Math - julie.grutzner@stanns-school.org
JAMISON, Margaret, 1st – 8th gr. - Art/Physical Education - margaret.jamison@stanns-school.org
JENSEN, Susan, Educational Assistant - susan.jensen@stanns-school.org
KLEITSCH, Shaun, Math Course 2, 3 & Algebra - shaun.kleitsch@stanns-school.org
MCGUIRE, Cyndi, Kindergarten - cyndi.mcguire@stanns-school.org
PRECHEL, Rustie, 3rd gr., 4th gr. math - rustie.prechel@stanns-school.org
GILBERT, Alivia, 1-8th gr. Technology Education; K-8th Spanish - alivia.gilbert@stanns-school.org
STANO, Aimee, 5th gr. – Homeroom, Religion, Reading, Language Arts & Science; 6th gr. – Language Arts, Spelling, Social Studies - aimee.stano@stanns-school.org
TALBERT, Tonya, 7/8th gr. Language Arts and Reading, 4th, 7/8th gr. Religion, 3rd gr. Math - tonya.talbert@stanns-school.org
TOLMIE, Heidi, Educational Assistant - heidi.tolmie@stanns-school.org
URVEN, Heather, 1st grade - heather.urven@stanns-school.org
VAN HERWYNEN, Caroline, 4K Educational Assistant - caroline.vanherwynen@stanns-school.org
YELK, Karin, Kindergarten Educational Assistant - karin.yelk@stanns-school.org


POHLOD, Shirley, Library Aide and T.A. - shirley.pohlod@stanns-school.org
MANHART, Karie, Food Service Manager - karie.manhart@stanns-school.org
NEUMEYER, Diane, Extended Care Assistant - diane.neumeyer@stanns-school.org
QUAM, Gary, Maintenance - gary.quam@stanns-school.org
STENSAAS, Trudy , Extended Care Director, Food Service Assistant - trudy.stensaas@stanns-school.org


BUDNAR, Rev. Randy, Pastor - randy.budnar@stanns-school.org
DONLIN, Joe, Parish Accountant - joe.donlin@stanns-school.org
LANGENOHL, Rachel, PK-6 gr. Religious Education Coordinator - rachel.langenohl@stanns-school.org
KLEITSCH, Shaun, Ministry Coordinator - shaun.kleitsch@stanns-school.org
SMILEY, Kathy, Liturgy and Music Director - kathy.smiley@stanns-school.org
TRUEHL, Cathie, 7-12th gr. - Religious Education Coordinator - cathie.truehl@stanns-school.org
WIESS, Connie, Parish Secretary - connie.weiss@stanns-school.org


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